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Englische Sprachwoche

"English in Action" at Neue Mittelschule in St. Anna am Aigen

In our second school week we took part in "English in Action" which was really great.
During this week we spoke English all the time. We had two teachers called Matthew and Kate. I liked them very much.
During the lessons we organised a project in two teams. Our project was about customers who didn’t like the food in a restaurant. It was really fun to film it. But probably the sound wasn’t so good.
In another lesson we prepared for the show. For that we all worked together. We wrote the scripts for our scenes in groups, but in the end we didn’t need it, because we improvised.
We showed the project to the other class and the show to the other students of the school.
I was very sad that it passed so quickly. I would like to have one again.

Anna Thurner-Seebacher  4b

Last week I took part in the „English in Action“ week. It was great fun and we learned many new things.
Our teachers´ names were Kate and Matt. They were very nice. Every day in the last two lessons we worked on our projects and our show. David and I made an advert about a shoe.
The show was called „Talents of St. Anna“ and was a talent show with some good but also some bad acts.
The English-in-Action week was great fun and I think that everybody in my class agrees with that.

 Jakob Pfleger  4a

I took part in the "English in Action" week. It was a special week.
In the first lessons we worked in our books and played games. We only spoke English. In the fifth lesson we worked on our projects. We made a video which was called ''One day in a shop“. In the sixth lesson we prepared a play called ''Cinderella in New York“. On Friday we showed our film to the 4a class and presented our play. Our English teacher Matthew understood some German words but Kate couldn't, because it was her first time in Austria.
I think the English week was fun because English is my favourite language. I'm a little bit sad because the English week is over but I wish that we will speak a lot of English this year.

Anna Maria Gangl  4b

The “English in Action” week was great fun. We learned a lot of new vocabulary and improved the grammar.  The teachers, named Matt and Kate were really nice. We had to speak a lot of English during the lessons and we also tried to speak English in the breaks. All groups had to prepare a show and a presentation. Our show was about talents of St. Anna who danced, sang and did strange and funny things in front of a jury. Natalie, Laura and I made an interview about “Modern Talking“, which was great fun.

Sometimes it was pretty hard to understand our teachers but they tried to explain the words and most of the time we knew what they meant. We were very lucky to have those teachers, because they were so friendly and humorous. I think we will miss them.

My English got really better in this week and I hope it will go on like that in the future.

 Celina Wolf  4a

We had an "English in Action" week with teachers from England. We all had much fun.
First we made nameplates with our status on them. Then we played a game called “What is it?“. It was a funny game. The last two lessons every day were special lessons, because there we made our videos and prepared for the show.
On Wednesday we created adverts. It was a great lesson. I invented a new car with a special trailer which can go all over the world. On Friday we presented a video I had made with my friends. We finally presented our show to the teachers and our parents.
I think the English week was great because we had the best teachers and we learned a lot from them.

Julian Fischerauer  4b

Before the “English in Action” week we were very nervous and we wanted to know who our teachers would be this year because we already had an “English in Action” week two years before.

At first, we met Kate, a young nice woman. We got a lot of information about her. In the next lesson, Matt came to us. He was a cool, young man. We also talked a lot with him. These were our teachers for that week. Nobody knew at that moment that we would miss them so much!
Every day we had some lessons to prepare our project and our show. We did the project with Kate and the show with Matt. We played a lot with Matt and we had to talk English very often, but it was great.
For our project, we formed five groups and every group could decide between making a quiz, a little news show or an advert. Our show was a talent show. It was a funny show with two dance groups, a really bad acrobatic-group, a strange man and a creepy very good singer. There was no blood or fight.
On Wednesday and Thursday, we had two lessons for our project and for our show.Then on Friday, we knew it was show-time. Every class presented their show.
It was the best school week I’ve ever had!

Kerstin Strommer  4a

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