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"English in Action" an der NMS St. Anna am Aigen

In der 2. Schulwoche fand an unserer Schule die schon zur Tradition gewordene Englisch - Sprachwoche statt. Beinahe alle Schülerinnen und Schüler der Schule nahmen teil und wurden in sieben Gruppen von einem jungen und engagierten Lehrerteam aus Canterbury, Großbritannien, unterrichtet.

Sechs Unterrichtsstunden täglich hieß das Motto "English Only!". Neben Wortschatzerweiterung und Grammatik standen auch Projekte und die Vorbereitung der Abschlusspräsentation auf dem Programm.

Bei der abschließenden Show am Freitag zeigten dann die Kursteilnehmer dem Publikum - bestehend aus Eltern, Lehrern und Mitschülern - welche Fortschritte sie in der Sprachwoche gemacht haben.


English in Action
In the second school week we had our English in Action project. Some teachers from English speaking countries came to us and taught English for a week. Dale, Lucinda and Tayo were the teachers for our class. Dale comes from Scotland and Lucinda and Tayo come from England.
We learnt how to introduce ourselves, how to make suggestions and how to excuse ourselves in different ways. We also talked about our personality, our childhood memories and about our New Year's resolutions. I really liked the game when we had to play different charakters at a party and had to find out who the murderer was.
We had a presentation on Friday where we could decide what we were going to do. First it was really hard because we had so many ideas, but gradually we decided to perform a play. It was about a school class which went on a roadtrip to London and one of the children got kidnapped there.
English in Action was so much fun and I would definitely recommend such an event because you can talk to English speaking people and so you can improve your English.
Katja Puntigam, 4b
English in Action
Last week we had an "English in Action" week. It was really great. We had three teachers who spent the mornings with us. Their names were Tayo, Dale and Lucinda.
We did a lot of quizzes with Tayo and we learnt about England and other English speaking countries. We played Batman and Schnitzelking with Dale. It was a lot of fun. Additionally we did a project with him. Our group did a funny quizshow with crazy answers and it was much fun.
On the last day of the week we had a show. Every group performed something. We studied the play with Lucinda. It was such a great experience to play different characters. Before the show we played the play in very different moods like crazy, sad and so on. The script was written by us and everyone played another character.
I think, there were more than one highlight, but one of them was the game before the show. Our show was about a schooltrip to London. There one of the kids got kidnapped. Then the class went to the Queen (she was played by a boy) and asked fo help, but she didn't help. So they wanted to search for the student themselves. In the end they found him and the kidnapper was caught by the Queen.
I woud recommend the organisation "English in Action" to everyone because it helps you speak much better English. That week isn't just a whole week English, it's even more than that.
Elisabeth Sengl, 4a
English in Action
Last week we had a special English week and it was much fun. English in Action is a great event where teachers come from Great Britain to teach students English. We had three great teachers who were really nice and friendly.
During the week we often practised and learnt how to make conversation with another person. Our teachers also taught us to talk about our personality and how to make resolutions.
We didn't only learn English like in school. We also did an English show which was of course the highlight of the week. It was quite funny and nice to perform our show to the other groups.I definitely liked that we played lots of funny games to practise our English words.
I would absolutely recommend such an event to everyone because you learn many new English words and phrases. It's a great time with the teachers from Great Britain and your friends.
Maximilian Heck, 4b
English in Action
In the second week of this schoolyear we had the English in Action week. In this week we only had English, but with teachers from the UK. Our teachers were Lucinda, Tayo and Dale. We had a lot of fun with them and with Tayo we laughed a lot because Anna always did funny things and with Dale we laughed a lot too because he always talked about "Schnitzel."
We learnt how to use the language and about the UK in the first three lessons a day and in the last three lessons we worked on our project and our show. In my opinion these three lessons were the highlights of the week.
On Thursday we had to present our project. Anna, Fabian and I made a comic about Fat-Man and on Friday our group presented the show in front of the school and our parents. Our show was called "The Adventures of Chipsy".
I would like to take part in English in Action once again and I would also recommend it to every student.
Karolina Scharl, 4a

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